These commands are available on both servers, see below for commands unique to each server.

  • /rtp – Teleports you to a random location.
  • /spawn – Sends you to spawn.
  • /afk – Shows that you are AFK in chat.
  • /back – Teleports you back to your last point.
  • /ignore <player> – Blocks messages from the specified player.
  • /kits – Shows your available kits.
  • /list – Shows all online players.
  • /ping – Shows your current ping.
  • /playtime – Shows the amount of time you’ve spent on the server.
  • /playtimetop – Shows the players with the most playtime.
  • /realname – Shows the actual IGN of a player.
  • /seen <player> – Shows when a player was last online.
  • /servertime – Shows the IRL time of the server.
  • /sell – Sells the stack in your hand.
  • /worth – Shows an items worth.
  • /vote – Shows the vote sites.
  • /votes – Shows your current votes
  • /warps – Shows current warps.
  • /warp <name> – Teleports to a warp.

Dragon Industries

  • /homes – Shows your current homes.
  • /sethome <name> – Sets a home with a specific Name
  • /delhome <name> – Deletes a certain home.
  • /bal – Shows your monetary balance.
  • /baltop – Shows the players with the most money.
  • /pay <player> <amount> – Sends a specified amount of money to another player.
  • /mail – Checks your mail
  • /mail send <name> <message> – Sends a mail to a player.
  • /mail clear – Clears all your current mail.
  • /mail read – Allows you to read your mail.
  • /msg <player> <message> – Sends a message to a player.
  • /reply <message> – Replies to the last person who sent you a message.
  • /tpa <name> – Sends a request to a player to teleport to them.
  • /tpahere <name> – Sends a request to a player to have them teleport to you.
  • /tpaccept – Accepts a teleport request.
  • /tpdeny – Denies a teleport request.

Dragodonia Vanilla

  • /ranks – Shows all rank information.
  • /cheque <amount> – Creates a cheque for the specified amount of money.
  • /near – Shows players in your area.
  • /helpop – Sends a message to all online staff.
  • /dback – Teleports you to your last death point.
  • /colorlimits – Shows what you have permissions you have for colours.
  • /colors – Shows you the colour codes.
  • /sell all – Sells everything in your inventory.
  • /whowas – Shows a player’s old names.
  • /discord link – Sends you a code to link your Discord and Minecraft accounts.
  • /discord unlink – Unlinks your Discord account.
  • /discord linked – Shows if your Discord account is linked.
  • /cr info <crate> – Shows information on a crate.
  • /cr preview <crate> – Shows all possible prizes for a particular crate.
  • /cr claim – Claim unclaimed keys.
  • /cr buy <crate> – Buys a crate key.
  • /cr list – Lists available crates.
  • /votetop – Shows the top voters.
  • /votes – Shows your total votes.

Looking for info about claiming, auctions or something? Check the plugins page

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