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Claiming with Grief Defender

Both of our servers use Grief Defender for protecting against grief. Although we do punish players who grief and steal, it is your responsibility to claim your bases and we do not accept responsibility for stolen items.

Getting Started

The main tool you will need will be your golden shovel. You should spawn with one in your inventory, however if you lose yours you can get a new one using /kit shovel. You can also use a stick to inspect claims. You can also find a list of commands below.

Making Your First Claim

You can make your first claim simply by placing your first chest on the ground, alternatively, you can right click where you want the first corner of your claim to be with the golden shovel, then right click again with it where you want the oppersite corner. You can later increase the size of your claim by rightclicking the current corner of the claim and then rightclicking again where you want the new corner to be.

Gaining More Claimblocks

You will find when you start playing you won’t have very many claimblocks. You will gain some every hour, however if you need more in the meantime, you can use /buyclaimblocks <amount>.


  • /trust <player> – Allows a player every permission to edit your claim.
  • /trust <player> <accessor/container/builder/manager> – This allows you set the trust level of a player, accessor allows them physical access but not any build or chest access. Container allows them to only access chests etc. Builder allows them only build, and no chest access. Manager allows the player to be able to do anything you can do with a claim.
  • /untrust <player> – Removes a player’s building rights.
  • /trust list – Shows who is trusted on your claim.
  • /claiminfo – Shows information about the claim you are stood in.
  • /claimlist – Shows all your claims.
  • /buyclaimblocks <amount> – Buys more claimblocks.
  • /sellclaimblocks <amount> – Sells claimblocks for cash (This will be half the amount you bought them for).
  • /abandonclaim – Using thiss command inside a claim will delete it, using it outside of a claim will abandon all of your claims.
  • /abandonallclaims – This will delete all your claims.
  • /gd claim farewell <message> – Sets a message that will be shown to someone when they leave your claim.
  • /gd claim greeting <message> – Sets a message that will be shown to someone when they enter your claim.
  • /gd mode town – Using this command while holding your golden shovel will turn the claim you then make with it into a town claim (Minimum of 32×32).
  • /gd mode subdivide – Using this command while holding your golden shovel will turn it to subdivide mode, in which you can subdivide your existing claim.
  • /gd mode basic – Using this command while holding your golden shovel will turn it back into the default claim mode.


Town claims are a bit different from normal claims, they can have basic claims inside of it, and those claims can be sold, rented or given to players, without giving them access to the rest of your claim. This is great for making cities, markets, shops, etc.

To create a town claim you will need to create a new claim; grab your golden shovel, and with it in your hand use the command /gd mode town – This will turn into town mode and you can start your new claim (Minimum size for this is 32×32).

Once you have your town and you’ve built your house/ shop etc, that you’d like to have inside to sell/rent, get out your golden shovel again simply create a basic claim inside your town. If you want to trust someone inside that claim, you now can without anything else being affected.

Selling and Renting




Dragon Industries

Plugin info here

Dragodonia Vanilla

Auction House

Auction House is a really cool plugin allowing players to sell individual items, regardless of where they are. Simply list your item, and it’ll remain to be sold for the next week, allowing other players to buy them anytime.

/ah – Shows everything that is currently being sold.
/ah sell <price> – Hold the item(s) you want to sell in your hand when using this command to put your item(s) on the Auction menu.
/ah search <item> – If there is a lot of items in the menu, you can search for the items you’re looking for.
/ah selling – Shows everything you’re currently selling.
/ah expired – Shows your expired listings.
/ah cancel – Cancels all your current listings.
/ah sold – Shows all your sold items
/ah return – Returns all items that ended without being sold.


If you don’t already know what McMMO is, it allows you to level up your skills such as Mining, fishing, excavation and more.

/mcrank – Shows your current rankings from across the server.
/mctop – Shows the players with the highest skill levels.
/mcnotifiy – Turns on/off ability notifications.
/mcstats – Shows all your current levels.

You can also use the skills as commands to check their individual information (such as /mining /fishing /swords etc)

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