Playtime Ranks

[Peasant] | Default Rank | 2 Homes
[Merchant] | 2 Hours Playtime | 3 Homes
[Knight] | 6 Hours Playtime | 5 Homes
[Noble] | 12 Hours Playtime | 10 Homes
[Baron] | 3 Days Playtime | 15 Homes
[Earl] | 6 Days Playtime | 20 Homes
[Count] | 10 Days Playtime | 25 Homes
[Duke] | 15 Days Playtime | 30 Homes
[Lord] | 20 Days Playtime | 40 Homes
[King] | 30 Days Playtime | 50 Homes

Use /playtime in game to check on your current playtime. Use /ranks to see a version of this page in game.

Donor Ranks

Donor Discord Section
Join Full Server
Discord Ingame Chat
/nick Colour and Font
Chat Colour and Font
Custom Prefix
Crate Item

Our ranks are cumulative, meaning that if you buy one rank, you only need to pay the difference to upgrade, meaning no matter how many, or which ranks you buy, the max you’ll pay will be $100. For more information, see our store page.

Staff Ranks

[Admin] – The admins of the servers are responsible for the maitanence of the entire community, they also have final say on any disciplinary matters.
– Moderators are there to supervise the chats, help solve issues, answer questions and spot rule breakers.
[Helper] – Helpers are our lowest, and first staff rank. Our helpers do not have access to many commands, but are there to answer questions, give advice and report issues to higher staff.
[Builder] – Builders do not have any of the responsibilies of the main staff, but are only expected to help with building projects.

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