About Us

We aim to provide a family like community with servers that everyone will enjoy.

“Back in 2013 I joined a custom modded server and found an awesome community there that was fantastic. I worked my way up through staff ranks until I was Head Moderator, however after a few months the owner of the server grew bored with it and stopped addressing issues. Frustrated by this, my friend magnusri and I decided we could build something better.

So we did. The original DragonTech was born June 21st 2014. Magnus did most of the work, as tech was his professional field and I learnt along the way. After a while though Magnus collected new responsibilities in his own life and left me in charge of the community. Since then we’ve had a lot of ups and downs, I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes, although I hope I have learnt from them.

In 2020 the Covid19 pandemic meant I had to work more, which unfortunetly meant I had very little time for the community. Along with some other conflicts, the community was mostly abandoned for that year and became stagnant.

So when things started to calm down again in 2021 I decided that a rebrand might the exact fresh start the community needed after having a rough couple of years, and I created what you now know as Dragodonia. “
– yepidoodles, owner of Dragodonia


We are currently using ServerMiner to host our servers, to see their current hardware, see their FAQ here: https://serverminer.com/faq

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