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DragonTechMC to Dragodonia

If you’ve only joined recently, you might not know that Dragodonia was once called DragonTechMC. We were founded in 2014, but in 2021 we decided to have a fresh start and rebrand the community with a new name, website, discord, servers and a new direction. If you only know us as Dragodonia, the following information will not mean anything to you.

Main Changes

New Website:

The old website was designed years ago using Enjin. We were using Enjin because when we founded the community it was the best option for Minecraft servers. It has it’s own donation store, ranking system and plugin, it was great! Unfortunately, during the years after we were founded, Enjin development trickled off, they stopped updating their website and plugin, and no progress could be made.
One of the main reasons we stuck with Enjin for so long was because we had over 3000 registered members, most of which had linked their Minecraft account to gain member rank, some of which were donors and others who had liked the modpacks for rewards. All those ranks would not be usable anymore.
In the end, we decided that scrapping most of our ranking system and starting with something new would be the best way forward. Now all our ranks are only stored through Discord and the LuckPerms plugin. I have also copied all the donor ranks and technic likes for Dragon Industries into a spreadsheet, so we won’t lose them.


Member Rank – We have completely scrapped our member rank system, instead we’ve implimented a playtime reward ranking system. (See Ranks under Guide Book above, or use /ranks ingame or -ranks on the discord).

Veteran Ranks – We have also completely scrapped this system as it completely relied on the Enjin website.

Donor Ranks – We have changed these ranks to slim them down, and to more fit the Dragon theme. See below to see how your old donor ranks transfer over. We decided to scrap the larger donation amounts, and instead will encourage people to contribute to our patreon if they wish to donate more.

Donator -> Drake ($10)
Supporter -> Amphithere ($25)
Contributor + Patron -> Wyvern ($50)
Investor + Dragons -> Dragon ($100)

If you need your rank corrected please contact an admin in game, or via the Discord.

Donation Store – As stated above, we previously used the Enjin donation store for all our donor ranks. Obviously seeing as we are no longer are able to use Enjin, we have started to use Tebex (Previously known as BuyCraft). This does mean it will be difficult to upgrade your ranks. However if you ask an admin, we will give you a voucher for the amount your current donor rank is, so you only have to pay the difference.

Staff Ranks – Our staff ranks have stayed mostly the same, however we did remove the Assistant rank as it felt a little unnecessary. We also designed a new staff and Builder application.

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