Shops and Warps


We’re currently using a system where you apply for warps. Build yourself a shop, town or just a project you want to show off, then apply!
– Structure must be at least mostly complete.
– An effort made to make the structure looking nice.
– It must be safe.
– Be of a decent size, minimum 2×2 chunks (32×32 blocks).
– Have adequate signage.

Warp application:

Please let a member of staff know that you have applied, you will be notified of a desision via Discord. If your application is rejected, you will be given an explanation of why. Applications will be seen to within 7 days.


Making shops is a great way to make money on the servers, and it’s a great way to contribute to the economy, and maybe even help out your fellow players. Both servers have signshops you can create, although we use different plugins for each, so creating them will be different.

Dragodonia Vanilla (Currently shutdown)

We’re currently using “Shop” on our vanilla server. This great plugin allows for fun signshops with the items appearing above them. To create a sign, you will need to place a sign on the front of a chest, and then use the following formats:

Sell Shops (sell to other players)


Buy Shops (buy from other players)


Both (Sell and Buy)

<Buy Price> <Sell Price>

Then simply punch the sign with the item you’re selling!

Once you have set up a shop, you can right click the sign to change how it shows, keep right clicking to cycle through the options. When using a combo shop, right click the right hand side for buying, and left hand side for selling.

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