General Rules

We try to keep our servers a light and friendly place to play, free from harrassment, spam and disturbances. Please follow these rules, failure to do so may result in a mute or ban.

Respect your fellow players;

While an odd curse is accepted, please don’t use them in excess, or use them to insult, demean or otherwise hurt someone else. We also do not accept any kind of harrassment or discrimination. We pride ourselves in creating an environment which is accepting of all races, genders, sexualities etc.

Keep the chats clear;

Please do not spam the chats in anyway, including but not limited to, using full caps, repeating characters, repeating the same message, keyboard smashing or advertising spam.

Keeping a friendly environment;

We would like to ask you to avoid sensitive subjects such as politics, religion, illegal activities (including drug use and firearms), and anything that could be deemed as sexual in nature.

Common Courtesy;

Be courteous by only speaking English in the main chat, only asking for help if you need it (The internet has the answers to almost everything!), avoiding giving a running commentary about everything you’re doing and keeping 1 to 1 conversations in a private chat.

In Game rules

These rules pertain to in game activities, on either server as appropriate.

Don’t be a Jerk;

Do not harm other players in game, PvP is turned off but there will always be ways to bypass this; doing so will result in a permanent ban.

Griefing, stealing, raiding or scamming is not permitted under any circumstances.

Keep claims respectful; Do not claim close to other people’s claims without their permission, or claim over a large plot of land you’re not using.

Do not block nether portals; Make sure there is at least one block left in front of the portal at all time, as blocking them could get people stuck.

Alternative accounts are only permitted if they are not being used to help another one of your accounts.

There will always be bugs, dupes and unintended OP mechanics, please do not exploit these and report them to staff via the help channel on Discord.

Keeping the servers lag free;

There are many ways to help keep the servers from lagging, here’s a few things you can do to help. Please note that if you cause a lot of lag and do not listen to staff’s instructions to help, you may be banned.

The use of any AFK machines are strictly prohibited.

Avoid having more than 10 mobs in a single chunk; large quanities of mobs in a small area can cause issues. While mob spawners are allowed, we ask that you ensure that large amounts of mobs, items or xp are not allowed to build up.

Build responsibily; Spread your machines out, putting them all on top of one another is bad for the server.

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